Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life Coach In New York City

New York City life coach Jay Cataldo (http://www.jaycataldo.com) is a model for living life with passion and purpose. A highly sought after performance coach, Jay enables clients to reach past their doubt and fears, and create the lives they truly desire.

The busy CEO of Relate Right Inc. specializes in facilitating quick and permanent changes for his clientele. Jay is an IACT certified Master Hypnosis Trainer whose coaching style is built around his 14 years of experience in personal development. He utilizes a variety of proven therapeutic modalities (such as NLP, EFT, Focusing and Hypnosis) to assist his clients as they explode through their barriers and design the lifestyles they were meant to live.

Perhaps life is one of the largest decisions in choosing a career path . Often times , some because they were found at all in the direction they are supposed to be able to . Suddenly he finds himself living the life of a person where there are also a few times , and he starts to look for something . These things happen , it should be on the right track , and it is very important to make the right decisions .

Unfortunately, some people make wrong decisions instead of the end of their own lives and not very good at analyzing . On the other hand , some people actually know that something has to be done , but can not devise a plan to achieve the goal . Therefore, in your life you are at a crossroad practical thing to do is to seek for help .

Life coaches have something to do with one's self , it is the most important problems of life , and one 's attitude are some of the best solutions . A life coach is someone who can help clients with personal goals to determine the patients . These goals can be as simple as a healthy lifestyle , or , as the success of the business can be a challenge . Goals , however , which is a personal coach to help and guide clients into achieving their goals is always .

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